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Sweet Potato Pancakes

I have loved find all the new ways that I can make knock off pancakes. I honestly have been concerned that I have either a grain issues or gluten issue. Why do I think that? Because I haven’t been bloated or sick to my stomach since being on Whole30. Yes it could also be dairy…… Continue reading Sweet Potato Pancakes

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Turkey Roll-Ups

The other Sunday we had Hoagies for dinner. Who doesn’t love sandwiches?! But with the Hoagies came the bread itself so I had to come up with some way to still enjoy our dinner sandwich style. I thought about doing a lettuce wrap but I’m not really a fan of those and didn’t have the…… Continue reading Turkey Roll-Ups

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Sloppy Joe’s with Baked Potatoes

We love Sloppy Joes around here. They are super easy to make in the slow cooker and well, when your kids eat something without complaining it becomes a necessity in the dinner rotation. I’m sure you could make this recipe in the slow cooker, however I just made it on the stove top since that’s…… Continue reading Sloppy Joe’s with Baked Potatoes