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I love scones!! I love just about everything that is bread!! What you’ll need is the roll recipe which I will include below also and your favorite toppings! And the best part…. You can freeze this dough and have scones whenever your heart desires! Which may be a bad thing ;)! Ingredients Dough 2 tbsp…… Continue reading Scones

Breakfast · Favorite Recipes · Rolls

Cinnamon Rolls

I love cinnamon rolls!! However, the time it takes to make them isn’t always the most convenient. Letting the rolls rise for an hour two different times is not so fun and can deter you from making them. I had the plan of making a cinnamon roll recipe that I found on Facebook that should…… Continue reading Cinnamon Rolls

Favorite Recipes · Rolls

Lion House Dough/Rolls

I have a few recipes coming up that use this basic roll recipe. It’s an easy roll recipe and it’s freeze-able!! You can use this recipe for cinnamon rolls, pizza, petal roll, scones, fry bread… Just about anything. So try it out and enjoy!! Ingredients 2 tbsp Yeast 2 cups warm Water 1/3 cup Sugar…… Continue reading Lion House Dough/Rolls