Tune In Moments

If Ye Are Prepared

If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear.  — Doctrine & Covenants 38:30 This hunting season has been a rough one. The Hubs was literally out hunting for about 14 days in September. He saw nothing. He has gone out several weekends since and still nothing. Hunting season closes the weekend of Thanksgiving so he…… Continue reading If Ye Are Prepared

Dessert · Favorite Recipes

Vanilla Chocolate Frosting

Are you confused by the title? I would be too. But this isn’t any ordinary chocolate frosting. You can taste a hint of vanilla in it and it makes even more irresistible. Trust me!! If you follow me on Instagram you have seen my posts about eating this frosting with graham crackers and nilla wafers.…… Continue reading Vanilla Chocolate Frosting

Spiritual Thoughts

Now Is The Time to Decide

I loved preparing my lesson this week. It brought back memories and allowed me to think back on decisions I have made in my life and how each decision affected the future. The first decision that I remember having to make was moving with my family to Montana my senior year of high school. I…… Continue reading Now Is The Time to Decide

Breakfast · Favorite Recipes


HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! I hope that your day is filled with joy and family time. Every Thanksgiving since I was a kid, we have gone on a family walk while the turkey cooks. I have since continued that tradition with my family despite the whining that comes from The Hubs ;)! He hates anything that might resemble…… Continue reading Pancakes