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Egg Drop Soup

One of our favorite things to get when we eat Chinese is Egg Drop Soup. I made it a few times many years ago. But since being on Whole30, the topic of Egg Drop Soup came back up and so we decided to give it another try. However a lot of the recipes I was finding had something in it that wasn’t Whole30 compliant. Like soy sauce and corn starch. So after looking through several recipes, I decided to just make my own which is huge. I don’t do original recipes so the fact that I didn’t follow a recipe with this one is a big deal for me!!

So here is my own concoction of Egg Drop Soup.

64oz Chicken Broth
1 Zucchini
1/3 Green Cabbage
4 Eggs
2 cups cooked shredded Chicken
White Pepper, to taste
S&P, to taste

Bring broth, zucchini, cabbage, and white pepper to boil.
Boil until the zucchini and cabbage are soft.
Add the chicken and stir.
Scramble the eggs in a measuring cup and then, while stirring the broth in one direction, gently and slowly pour the eggs into the broth.
Give the eggs a minute to solidify and then serve.

{Source: My Brain}


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