Date Night

Bonefire & The Sunset

Date #12 of the #tsk24datesin1year was so fun and relaxing and the perfect date to have after the kids go to bed.

We put a fire pit on our wedding register 8 years ago kind of as a joke. Something that we could get ourselves with the money that we received. Well, we ended up getting it as a gift and have enjoyed using it off and on over the years. It was in storage while we were in Kalispell so this was the first time we had used it in maybe two years or more.

While I got the kitchen cleaned up and put the kids to bed, The Hubs finished up a few things in the garden and then got the fire going in the fire pit, arrange the chairs just right, lit some citronella candles, and even got out a movie with my lap top. So after I got everything done, I went right out our back door and plopped down in the lawn chair and heaved a sigh of relief to be kid free and have some great quality time The Hubs.

It was no where near cold so the it may have seemed a little funny to have a fire going at 8pm in July. Also, the sun wasn’t behind the mountain either so it was hard to see the computer screen. The first few minutes of our date, we spent finalizing plans for our overnight date in August! The last time we got a night away together was over a year ago when we went to the Cardston, Alberta Cananda temple for our 7 year anniversary. So we are looking forward to some kid free time!!

Since it was so hard to see the screen with the sun popping in and out of the clouds and setting right in our eyes, we decided to just enjoy the snap, crackle, and pop of our fire and talk. We don’t get to just talk very often. Usually it’s, “how was your day?”, “what are we doing this weekend?”, “here is the grocery list, thoughts?”, “you’ll never guess what your kid did today.” etc. There isn’t a lot of time for stimulating conversation when you have a 4 year interrupting every conversation and 1.5 year old screaming all the time! 😉 You know what I mean!

The sunset, OH.MY.GOODNESS! The clouds were fluffy and there were layers. It looked like a pop up book and it was beautiful watching it change colors. God put on a pretty great show for us that night!

So that was the extend of our date. It was free!! But the quality time was exactly what both of us needed!

Have you and your spouse gone on any recent dates? What was your favorite?


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