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Slow Cooker Tortellini Dump Soup

The recipe says soup but mine didn’t end up very soup like. I have a theory about what happened.

My theory is that the recipe calls for fresh tortellini and the only thing I could find was Barilla Three Cheese Tortellini which is hard shells. So maybe the hard shells sucked up too much of the liquid? I will keep looking for fresh tortellini because I was really really looking forward to the soup aspect.

Don’t let my theory keep you from trying this recipe. It tasted amazing!!!! So if any of you find fresh tortellini and try this out before I do, let me know how it turns out and share pictures!!

1- 20 oz bag of fresh 3-Cheese Tortellini
(I used 1- 12 oz bag of Barilla 3-Cheese Tortellini)
2 cups of fresh Spinach
2 150z cans of Diced Tomatoes
4 cups of Chicken Broth
1- 8oz block of Cream Cheese, broken into chunks
1 tbsp dried Basil
1tbsp dried Oregano
2 tsp Salt
1 tsp freshly ground Black Pepper

Place all ingredients in the crockpot and stir them around to combine.
Turn the crockpot on HIGH and cook for 4-5 hours.
Site again to mix up the melted cream cheese and serve.


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