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Does Your Nose Run When You Workout?

YES!! My noes runs no matter what kind of workout I’m doing. However, the amount of snot my nose produces depends on what kind of exercise I’m doing and how intense it is. Weird right? Not really.

After one particular run, I had to almost run to the bathroom to blow my nose. It got me thinking if I was the only one. You should seriously google “why does your nose run when you workout”. There are so many articles that you can read and they all talk about the same thing.

Its basically exercised-induced rhinitis. It mimics hay fever or nasal allergy symptoms. This isn’t something that is super common so there are 3 theories floating around.

  1. Your body is having an allergic reaction to working out. Itchy/water nose and eyes, hives, shortness of breath, stuffy/runny nose, asthma. This doesn’t mean that you should stop. Try and figure out if it’s due to the location of your work out. Be it the gym, your garage, your basement… It could have to do with the chemicals the gym uses to clean the equipment, or other allergens like dust and pollen if you’re working in a basement or outside.
    I can kind of agree with this one. All through school trying to run the mile and I would have the worst asthma on the planet. Also when I sweat hard and don’t shower soon enough after I break out in hives. As my fitness level has increase, my asthma has gotten better and it also helps that I do 95% of my exercise indoors. I have baaaaaad seasonal allergies.   
  2. It has to do with the blood flow in your nose. When you start to workout blood flow decreases which shrinks the tissue inside your nose that is responsible for snot production, thus slowing down the snot flow while you work out making it easier to breathe. When you finish working out the blood flow increases in your nose and the tissues inside expands and the snot production kicks into overdrive.
    Also makes sense to me. I can run and do cardio workouts and be fine most of the way through. I get a little stuffy, but I don’t feel like Niagra Falls is coming out my nose. However, as soon as I’m done running. I have to hurry and find the box of tissues!
  3. Your nose running is another way your body is releasing toxins just like with sweat. The sweatier you are the more your nose runs.
    Also makes sense. The more I sweat, the harder I workout, the more my nose runs post workout.

So… If your nose runs, you are not alone! I refuse to believe that it’s my body telling me I’m allergic to working out. I believe that yes I have allergies and running in my garage may make them worse. I believe that when you work hard you sweat so why not your nose ‘sweating’ too?! 😉

Don’t let a runny nose stop you from working out. Unless it’s a really bad cold. #NoExcuses is my motto!!

Does your nose run?


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