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August: Visting Teaching: Living A Consecrated Life

It is not always easy to live a consecrated life. But have you ever noticed that the times that you do, life seems to be that much better?

When we give of ourselves to the Lord – our time, energy, money, thoughts – we loose ourselves and therefore come to know ourselves and the Lord so much better. I sometimes feel like time is the hardest thing to give to the Lord. There never seems to be enough time in the day. Ever! But on the days that do, I seem to have an abundance of time.

Example… About two months ago I started reading the Book of Mormon again for a third time and I wasn’t reading as fast as I had been. So I set a goal to have it finished again by September 1 and boy…. it has been hard to stay on track. In order to accomplish my goal, I have to was three chapters a day! I have gotta be crazy!! Most days I’m lucky to read two chapters. But on those days when I do make the time to read more, to sit down every spare minute I can and read a little more, there magically seems to be a little more time in my day.

So goes for when I do my visiting teaching!! It may seems impossible to get everyone’s schedules to line up, but when they do and the visit is complete, I feel like I have that much more time in my day to get things done!

The Lord blesses us when we consecrate ourselves to Him. I know it!

August Visiting Teaching Message

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