Date Night

Multiple Personalities

Date #14! I can’t believe that we are half way through the year! 

This date was a tough one. I had a plan. And then everything seemed to fall apart. The Hubs had a rough day at work and I had a super rough day at home. We had a wedding reception to attend that night too and it just didn’t feel like date night was going to happen. 

When my friend came to pick up her kids, she took mine with her! She fed them dinner and let us to go to the reception kid free! That was super nice and really helped us both to unwind after a long day. But then after we picked up the kids, Sweet Pea screamed and cried and fought everything! Including bed time. So we ended up laying on our bed with the door closed hoping she would stop screaming and crying and just go to sleep.

We talked a bit and then decided to take a personality quiz from a site that a friend recommended.

The Hubs took the test and the personality he got was close but now right now. I took the test and it sounded nothing like me so we didn’t read very far into it. Then The Hubs took it for me and it sounded more like me but still not right now. So apparently, I have multiple personalities! 😉 Regardless it was interesting to see how each of thought the other would answer the question only to be wrong. Gave us a bit more insight into each other!

So next day night, you have our permission to sit together on your phones and take this personality test! 😉


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