Date Night

Red, White, & Blue

Date night 13 was supposed to be the day for the 4th of July. However, The Hubs had an opportunity to do something that he doesn’t normally have time for, so he was not around for date night. So we moved it to the Friday after the 4th.

Since our date night was so close to the 4th, I thought it would be fun to have a patriotic themed date. I got the initial idea, a color themed date, from my amazing friend Justine who blogs over at She had posted about a color themed date before and so I thought I’d give it a try.

RED: We ate dinner at Red Robin. It’s one of the only restaurants that I know has a safe menu option for me to eat still. And besides, it’s summer time so who can say no to burgers? 😉

WHITE: Ice Cream! The original idea was to go to Coldstone and get some ice cream. But The Hubs was soooo full after dinner that we just decided to pick up a small thing of ice cream at the grocery store for me to try and enjoy! So I got my favorite flavor, cookies and creme, and it ended up being blue too!! I also got raspberry sorbet because I love me some fruit. I make a really good strawberry sorbet and I’m hoping to make that soon. So I had red sorbet, white ice cream, and the ice cream was blue bunny.

BLUE: The original plan was to go walk around a park called Blue Mountain or enjoy our ice cream on a blue blanket. But it was almost 100*F outside the night of our date, so I settled for the blue bunny brand of ice cream!

We don’t live in a very big town so our options for finding things to do color wise isn’t very easy. But as you can see we got creative and made it work. We also work blue clothes just incase we couldn’t find anything blue to do.

I am looking forward to trying more color themed dates. You should give it a try and let me know what you thought!!

Now, to figure out our at home date! 😉


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