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A friend of mine introduced me to this recipe several years ago when I started out on my fitness journey and I tried them and didn’t like them at all. I didn’t like the taste or texture. So I never made them again. Breakfasts on Whole30 have been really hard for me. I love eggs and don’t often get tired of them, but I have missed my toast and the occasional pancake or waffle.

Even though Whole30 frowns upon the this recipe (because in therapy it’s still a pastry and those are frowned upon… you can read more on their website why they frown upon pastry knock off’s and other things) it is helping me eat and honestly, that is important for me. It was getting to the point where I would put off eating as long as I could because I just couldn’t stomach the breakfast choices. So enter my pinterest scroll and these kept popping up everywhere.

You can scroll through pinterest or as your friends how they make them because there are sooooo many options. Some say to add vanilla, cinnamon, baking powder, some kind of flour, fruit, chocolate chips, just about anything you would or could add to regular pancakes. But to keep in mind the fact that I’m doing Whole30, I stuck to the simplicity of it and made my own adjusts so I could enjoy the texture and the flavor. So here is my version of egg/banana pancakes.

1.5 Ripe Bananas
2 Eggs
Cinnamon, to taste

In a medium bowl, mash your bananas and whisk in the egg.
Add a few dashes of cinnamon to taste and stir to combine.
Warm a skillet over medium-low heat and spray with cooking oil.
When warm, use 1/8 cup to scoop the mixture and pour onto skillet.
Allow to cook slowly, and all the way through before flipping, about 3-5 minutes, should be mostly solid on top.
Flip and allow other side to cook, about 2-3 minutes.
Remove from skillet and serve with your favorite toppings.

Note: I love Berry Sauce on these. But since I’m doing my best to limit my added sugars (I will be honest, I haven’t been 100% with this one.) I simply took a few cups of frozen mixed berries, a few dashes of cinnamon and boiled them over medium heat until they cooked down and the syrup thickened and it was perfect!!!


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