Visiting Teaching

Visiting Teaching: July 2017: That They May Be One

I love the title of the message for this month… That they may be one.

So simple.

That is all the Heavenly Father has ever wanted for us. To be one with each other with Him. In order to do that, we need to draw near to our Savior. We nee to study Him. Find our what His attributes are and emulate them. Striving to be like Christ will only bring all of us closer together.

So for this month, I felt like the simple phrases from the hymn, I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go fit well. In order to become one with our Savior, and therefore each other, we need to go, say, and be what Christ wants us to go, say, and be.

I’m including a 4×6 image to print and share with your sisters as well as an image that is sized to fit a phone screen. So print or text this message to your sisters this month and lets strive to become one as we serve others.

Visiting Teaching Message

— Right click to save image and download… vertical 4×6 —

— size for phone screen —




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