Date Night

Shopping & ColdStone

Date #11 was up in the air until the night before. We weren’t sure if our babysitter was going to get the night off. So The Hubs had one thing planned and last minute changed to something else. The weeks and months have been moving by so fast that we are loosing track of time and often forget about date night until a few days which makes our date nights not as unique as they have been.

This date what fun for me. Not so sure it was fun for The Hubs, but it was his choice and he’s an amazing man for saying that he enjoys just spending time with me. We ended up skipping dinner out and just going shopping. Yes I said shopping. What man chooses shopping?! We went to Ross and then TJ Maxx looking for some shirts for both of us. He walked away with nothing and I walked away with 3 shirts and a dress!! Afterwards we decided to try Coldstone and see what they had that I could enjoy while doing Whole30 and allowing us to spend some more allow time together.

Walking in to Coldstone was weird. Smell wise. Normally it would smell good and it sort of did, but at the same time, I felt like I had a stink bug face because the sweet smell was so strong. I did find a concoction that I want to try when done with Whole30! (Oreo Ice-cream, Oreos, Chocolate Chips, and Fudge… sounds amazing right?) Anyway… The smoothies looked the least damaging so I asked them what was in them. Normally fruit, ice, and a fruit syrup. I asked them if we could omitted the fruit syrup and use water. They weren’t sure it would blend well, but they were up for the challenge. It blended just fine, but didn’t have tons of flavor. Which was ok considering that I still got to enjoy a treat with The Hubs on date night. I wonder if Coldstone would be willing to make ‘clean’ smoothies…. like frozen fresh fruit/water/ice? Anyone know how I’d submit a suggestion?

Anyway… It was a nice evening out. Once we got home we turned on a movie and were up till 1130pm. Normally, I would have crashed not long after the movie started. But thanks to Whole30, I didn’t even get drowsy. It is seriously amazing how much more energy you have when you feed your body right.

And side note: I was sad that we weren’t eating out. I look forward to not cooking dinner for one night each month — even though I still make something easy for the kids. I kept giving suggestions of places that should be ok while on Whole30 but The Hubs was adamant that we eat at home and then go out. I didn’t appreciate his offer until a few days later when a friend was coming through town and wanted to go out to lunch. The place she was going with family had nothing that I could eat. I would have had to pack my own lunch if plans had worked out. As sad as I am that I didn’t get to meet with my friend, I’m glad that things didn’t work out and that I didn’t have to be in an awkward situation. I am grateful for a husband who has stood by me and helped me out from before day one on helping me get better. He stands up for me and with me when we are invited to someone else’s house or changes plans so I’m not tempted or frustrated. He is the best man ever!! ❤

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