Spiritual Thoughts

The Priesthood

I am kind of excited for today’s lesson. Not that I’m normally not, but today we are going to do a dive-into-the-scriptures activity!

I have been loving studying for my lessons using the study guid that The Redheaded Hostess came out with. It has made my studying easier and has helped me to be more focused and not spend so much time prepping. Because let’s face it, before I had this study guide I was spending at least an hour minimum every day studying my lesson and it was getting super overwhelmed. With the help of the study guid I have about 90% of my lesson studied and prepped for in two days! So thank you Redheaded Hostess!!

So for our lesson today, we are learning more about the Priesthood. And by more, I mean we are going to be reading in the Doctrine & Covenants about what each office of the Aaronic Priesthood and a little of the Melchizedek Priesthood entails. The Readheaded Hostess has this cool layout for reading the scriptures and writing down what you learn. So I went and created my own so the youth could fill one out of their own.

So if you are still preparing for your lesson, feel free to right click and save to downloads and use for your class, or use it for yourself and take the time to learn more about the priesthood.

I thought that it was cool that we are studying the priesthood this week and then I went out with the sister missionaries to a discussion and we briefly went over the priesthood and I knew and understood what they were talking about thanks to my study. I love when things fall into place like that.

I hope that you all have a fabulous Sabbath day. I have dinner already in the slow cooker, now it’s time to make breakfast and be with my kiddos before church!!

Love you!!!


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