Visiting Teaching

Visiting Teaching: June 2017: Priesthood Power Through Keeping Covenants

Understanding how to access priesthood power can be hard. As women we understand our role as mothers and nurturers, but we, at least I, don’t full understand the role of our priesthood and the power they have access too.

After a lesson in Relief Society on marriage the other week, a woman casually comment on the fact that we really don’t understand the role that our men play. We may think we do, but according to the proclamation on the family, I’m not sure we do. Yes, they preside over the family and they help nurture and they financially take care of the family, but how does the priesthood play a role in all of this?

We can access the power of the priesthood through keeping our covenants. Even if the priesthood isn’t in our home! How? The best way to get the answer to that question, is the humbly knee before Heavenly Father and ask. Everyone circumstances and situations are different and will warrant different answers from Heavenly Father. So ask and you will receive. Seek and you will find. Knock and it shall be opened unto you!

Happy June!

Visiting Teaching Message

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