Date Night

Red Robin, Guardians 2, & Dairy Queen

#tsk24datesin1year date #10

Last week was crazy busy prepping for Whole30 that a lot of things took the back burner, including the blog. So come Friday morning when I didn’t have a post, I felt so dumb and absentminded and then everything just stayed crazy. So, even though it’s a few days late, here is what we did for our out date in May!

As you have seen with our previous dates, we go to dinner on our out dates and then typically something that doesn’t cost anything or is inexpensive. But since this past Monday was our anniversary, we splurged and decided to go to a movie too. We haven’t been to the movies in over 3 years. I was excited and looking forward to it.

Last Monday I started weaning myself into Whole30 so we were trying to think of a restaurant that I can eat at and be close to Whole30 compliant. So we went to Red Robin and I got the Wedgie Burger with a side salad and the The Hubs got a burger with bacon on it! He loves bacon. I can’t remember the name of it though. And then we shared sweet potato fries. Its as sooooo good!! Best part for me? I was satisfied but not sick or full! It was an incredible feeling!

After dinner we went straight to the theatre and watched Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2! We like the first one better, but it wasn’t bad. In this one, I did find myself laughing more out loud but as a whole we liked the first one better. OH! And I forgot how stiff my neck gets in the movie!! I missed being able to lay down or recline and snuggle with The Hubs like we do at home!

After the movie we went to DQ. Why after reading close to Whole30 compliant for dinner? I have been wanting an Oreo Blizzard for MONTHS!! It just hasn’t happened, so before I went full on with Whole30, I had to indulge. 🙂

We were out longer than we typically are on date night and it was fun! Not something we will do often since babysitting can get expensive too. But it was a great evening!

What made the night even better, was the fact that I had gotten a lot of quality time with The Hubs the whole weekend before. Things have lightened up at work and Sunday was Mother’s Day so he was very much around and I loved it. It was a relaxing evening all the way around instead of me desperately trying to drink in our quality time with how busy he has been! So it was a wonderful date night out and a wonderful anniversary!!



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