Tune In Moments

My Body, My Emotions, My Whole30

I haven’t written a tune in post in a while. I have had a lot going on and haven’t been the right place to tune in. If you follow me on instagram (@TheStokerKitchen) you may have seen some posts about me being sick. It’s not the kind of sick that most people think of when you hear someone say that they have been sick. This is more of, there-is-something-wrong-with-my-body-and-we’re-trying-to-figure-it-out. It all started back in February and finally at the end of April I’d had enough and went to the doc. Things were getting worse and in the span of two weeks I was in with the doc 3 times spending close to $800 on visits and lab work!

Without going into detail… The bad stuff came back negative. But we still don’t have answers yet. Which is frustrating in and of itself. With the help of some OTC med’s and a now dietary plan for a while, I have noticed some changes to my health. But nothing fixing the original problem yet.

How is this a tune in moment? I have been more in tune with my body in the last 2.5 months than I have in along time. I have been more in tune with how my body reacts and responds to my workouts, the food I eat, the lack of sleep I get sometimes. I have noticed more mood swings and had more emotional break downs. I have been more frustrated and angry and broken than I have felt in a long time. At times, I have felt completely alone in my struggles.

As I’ve gone through all those emotional and physical changes, I have struggled to stay in tune with the spirit. I have worked hard at staying positive. I have prayed for strength, for kindness towards my children, for sleep, for my issues to subside if only for an hour or so. I have prayed for guidance, peace, and understanding. Not all of my prayers have been answered. But I have tried to remember, that even though no one on this earth really knows what I’m going through, Christ does. I have tried my best to lean on Him.

I don’t want to share one quick thing before I end this post. Even though you may feel like you’re prayers are being answered, remember that others are praying for you. They may be praying for you by name, that they are thinking about you whether they know it or now. How? Well on Sunday, in at least two different prayers during church, those who were saying the prayer asked for comfort and strength for those who are going through trials right now. I teared up each time I heard it. I felt like they were really praying for me, yet they had no idea. We pray for others all the time who may need strength, help, comfort, guidance… but we never really realize that we are included those prayers. It was a tender mercy and a beautiful moment for me. When I mentioned it to The Hubs, he heard it too and thought of me.

These last few months have been hard. The next month is a new adventure. Why? Because, as part of my problem solving advice from my doc, I’m doing The Whole30. I officially start next Monday even though I’ve semi started already. I’m anxious but at this point, but I have to start somewhere. So, in the next few weeks, you’ll start to see Whole30 recipes popping up on my blog. Feel free to make them the Whole30 way or not. But since I blog about what I cook and bake, Whole30 it is!!

I want you to know, that if you’re having a hard day, a rough week, or you’re going through a hard trial that seems like it will never end… You.Are.Not.Alone!! We may not being going through the same trial, but we are struggling together and we can do it!!

I love you My Beauties!! ❤

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