Spiritual Thoughts

Feast on the Words of Christ

What does it mean to feast on the words of Christ?

What does it mean to drink of the living waters?

I was always confused by those questions. As a youth and an adult, I didn’t understand how to feast and drink. I wanted to. But I didn’t know how. I had tried several times to ‘catch the bug’ and partake of the scriptures the way that we have been commanded too, but for some reason, I just couldn’t. I couldn’t get into the scriptures. They didn’t make sense to me at all. I simple had no desire and I didn’t like that.

I don’t know exactly why my spiritual journey start and why I didn’t ‘catch the bug’ earlier in my life, but I have finally caught it. It started 4 years ago and it was baby steps. It started as promptings to read with Little Man, to a priesthood blessing last fall that counseled me to read the scriptures and I did — cover to cover.

My point… Not all of use running side by side on our spiritual path. Some are further a head than others. We aren’t all ready to do things at the same time. Some, have read the Book of Mormon cover to cover more than 3 times where as I am just starting in on my third time and I’m 29!

So tomorrow in Sunday School, I’ll talking with my youth about how they can improve their scripture study, or simply start. I have a few who started reading the Book of Mormon with me in January and others who didn’t start at all or gave up early on. What I hope I can do, is help them somehow find the desire.

What am I going to share with them?

  1. Read. Simply put, just read the scriptures. It may seem boring, but often times the best place to start is 1 Nephi and work your way through the book from page 1 to the end. Its important to read cover to cover eventually so that you can learn the chronology and the people, the people and the lessons. It takes about a week or so to start a habit. So make the time in your day, make it the same time every day and it will make it easier to continue. Eventually, you won’t want to stop. Ex — I read in the morning after I workout/shower and hopefully before the kids are awake. If they are awake then I read while they play and then we get breakfast. If it didn’t get done in the morning before breakfast, it won’t get done. The Hubs on the other hand reads in the evening after he watches the news. Find a time in the day that works best for you to be consistent and make it stick.
  2. Study by Topic. This is kind of where it all started. I had received a prompting after a General Conference to read scriptures with Little Man and I did, but when it came to my personal study, it was by topic that I really started to find the desire and the scriptures started coming to life. I studied about Christ. I have this book called 21 Days Closer To Christ by Emily Belle Freeman and to say I love the book is a bit of an understatement. I loved learning more about my Savior and doing it not only through plan english thanks to Emily, but through the scriptures as well. Find a topic that is interests you. Look in the topical guide and read the scriptures that are list. Follow the footnotes and soak in all you read. Find books on the topic you enjoy and read about them through LDS authors. Whatever it takes, make the time to learn more by searching the scriptures.
  3. Search for Connections, Themes, and Patterns. I am not ready for this one yet. This one kind of goes over my head. I’m sure I’ll get there eventually but for now, I am learning so much by reading cover to cover and searching out topics when I have questions.

Like I said before, everyone is at their own pace when it comes to their spiritual learning. Maybe you are ready for #3 or maybe you simply want to start and are not sure where to. So wherever you are on your journey, simply start or keep going. Feasting and drinking will change your life, teach you how to serve, learn more about the family, and teach you about Christ. You will truly start to become converted as you make the time to read/study/ponder the scriptures. You won’t regret it!!

Not a Latter-Day Saint? Want to learn more about what The Book of Mormon really is? Click here to learn more!


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