Date Night

Wedding Music & Quality Time

#tsk24datesin1year — Date #9

We typically do our ‘out’ date night in the beginning of the month but we changed things up this month. Our anniversary is this month so that will be our ‘out’ date night. We didn’t discuss what we wanted to do this month until 2 days before our date night. This month is my month to plan and I scrambled. I had the ‘out’ date almost planned. I have one shopping day to figure out what I wanted to do and not enough time for Amazon Prime to deliver.

I went looking at Walmart and Michaels and found two things at Michaels that we could do. Then Sunday evening, plans changed. We found out this week was going to be a little stressful so I decided to change things up yet again!

We have two weeks until our anniversary and it got me thinking. What did we do to relax as we go ready for our wedding? We would often just sit and snuggle and listen to music and talk. So that’s what we did.

I laid out a blanket on our floor, pulled out the candles, some games, and The Hub’s laptop that has our wedding album on it. We at my Homemade Banana Pudding, played cats cradle, slap jack, and gin. We laughed as we messed up cats cradle, as I got my butt kicked in slap jack, and as he got his butt kicked in gin. Then, The Hubs came up with the best idea ever! To go to bed early and together!!!! Best Husband award right there!! (I can’t remember the last time we went to bed together.) But that didn’t end up happening. The Hubs had some work to finish, he copied all of our wedding songs on to a jump drive for me to put on my comp, and I had to clean up. I was ready for bed and asleep before he was as always. But it’s the thought that counts.

We were so focused on just relaxing and spending time together that I plugged my phone in and didn’t touch it until I shut everything down for bed. So I don’t have any pictures. But you get the idea. Simplicity is good thing sometimes. Uninterrupted alone time is the best time!


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