Visiting Teaching

Visiting Teaching: May 2017: General Conference Quote Jar

I love the months following General Conference. I love that I get to assemble everyone’s favorite quotes from conference and put them together into one printable for you to share with your sisters.

This time around has been no different from the others. This is my third time putting these quotes jars together but only my second time sharing them with you. 🙂

There are 3 pages of quotes with 10 quotes on each page. There are a few different ways you can assemble these. So here are a list of ideas: (I have 3 sisters to visit so most of my ideas are based around that but I know any of them will work for any number of sisters you visit.

  1. You can print/cut out 10 quotes (1 page) for each sister you visit
  2. You can print/cut out 20 quotes (2 pages) for each sister you visit.
  3. You can print/cut out 30 quotes (3 pages) for each sister. That would make it a quote for each day of the month! (Give or take ;)).
  4. You can fold the quotes in half and half again or roll them around pen or pencil to get a spiral.
  5. You can use a any size jar (especially depending on how many quotes you decide on) or any size box or crafty thing to put the quotes in.
  6. You can print the quotes on the blank side of scrap book paper so when you fold the quote something pretty is on the outside.
  7. You can decorate the jar/box with washi tape, ribbons, scrapbook paper, or leave them pain and simple.

In the image below, I have 20 quotes (2 pages) in each jar. I found some scrap book paper and traced the round insert in the lid and gorilla glued the paper to the insert. Simple. I’m not a super huge crafty person but I try and make things semi cute.

Please, feel free to print out an extra set of quotes for yourself. Tape them around the house, on your mirror, your fridge, in your kids rooms. My favorite quote is…

If you feel a little overwhelmed, take that as a good sign. It indicates that you can sense the magnitude of the trust God has placed in you.
–Henry B. Eyring

There have been many times over the last several months that I have felt overwhelmed with my callings and being a mother. When I first read this quote it brought a sense of peace to my mind and heart. God trusts me. He trusts you. ❤

May Visiting Teaching: General Conference

–Right click on each image and save to downloads–


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