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Take It Back To The Basics

We were asked a question during the third hour of church and it got me thinking. The best part was throughout the lesson, inexecied confirmation three different times that what I have been doing the last seven months is the answer — for me — to the question.

Q: What do YOU need to do to keep yourself from dwindling away from the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Think about it? What do YOU need to do? Where are you at spiritually?

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is simple. It is so simple The our young children can understand it and can feel it as the spirit testifies to them of the truthfulness. As adults — and women — we tend to complicate everything. We make things harder than they need to be. We feel like it should be harder to maintain our faith and grow our testimonies. But in reality, it’s really simple. It’s so simple to do that it feels hard.

Do you remember ‘the primary answers’? What are they?

  1. Read your scriptures (daily).
  2. Say your prayers (daily).
  3. Go to church.
  4. Attend the temple as often as you can.

Those all seems simple to do right? But when can we do them in our crazy busy lives? My life isn’t as busy as some but it’s busier than others. I honestly felt like — and still do at times — that I don’t have time to read or pray or prepare my lessons or attend the temple. But it’s those 4 things that will help keep our faith and testimony intact!

Over the last 7 months, I have read the Book of Mormon twice from cover to cover. I have never done that before. I’ll be starting over again tomorrow!! I have also been focusing on being more thankful in my daily prayers than askful. I have also tried to make it do the temple more often, but due to lack of babysitters or weather, that one has been harder to accomplish. But I have been trying!

In the last 7 months, I have felt stronger in my faith and firmer in my testimony of this Gospel than I ever have before in my life. And believe me, there have been times where I have wanted to leave but I knew better! It is the simplicity of doing the basic things that will strengthen and fortify us.


Make the time to read the scriptures every day! I read them in the morning after I workout and shower. The Hubs reads his after the kids and I have gone to bed. Find the time that you are the most awake and in the right mindset to digest what it is you’re reading!

Make the time to say your prayers. It’s best to do them on your knees, but pray as you’re driving to work — just keep your eyes open. 😉 Pray as you are making breakfast. Pray in the last minute or two before your work day starts. Pray as soon as the though pops into your head! Just like we want to hear from our friends and family, Heavenly Father wants to hear from us!

Make the time to go to church. No excuses unless you are deathly sick!! I always make it an effort to go and partake of the sacrament even when I’m sick. Go when you’re on vacation. The Gospel is true no matter where you go. So go!!

Make the time to attend the temple. It’s the most perfect to relax and just place. The perfect opportunity to unwind and commun with Heavenly Father. Now that I’m a nok of two and the temple is 2.5 hrs away, it’s not always easy to do. But we are taking advantage of the opportunities when they arrive!!

Don’t find the time…. make the time!!! 

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