Date Night

UV Glow Paint & Crayons

Date night #8 was fun! UV body paint!!! The Hubs always seems to come up with the fun stuff to do. I love that he isn’t afraid to try new things.

Once both kids were settled in bed the fun began.

UV Glow Black Light Face & Body Paint,
Neon Blacklight Makeup Stix,

You can make this as fun, playful, or romantic as you want it to be. We went with fun. Neither of us were feeling super creative so it was mostly just lines and shapes and feeling like we belonged in Africa with our tribal paint. 😉 My favorite part was painting The Hubs’ beard different colors and making him look like an old multicolored smurf! The Hubs enjoyed designing a bikini for me. I also gave myself a dandelion and The Hubs a 4 leave clover.

I love that he thinks outside the box! I also love that he reminded me to take pictures so that we could share with you!

This could even be a fun family activity this summer. Going camping? Bring along the paints and when the sunsets, use your black light flash lights and see just how cool your designs look!

Don’t forget to line your bed or floor with old towels or an old sheet. You’ll also want an old damp hand towel or damp washcloth close by so you can wipe your fingers off so you don’t mix colors – unless you want to mix colors. Take the blacklight into the shower with you so you can make sure you get all the paint off.

Beware that under the black light the paint may not look like it’s all the way off. Some of the tint may remain behind but you won’t be able to see it unless you’re under the black light. We found that Dawn Dishwashing soap (the cut grease kind) helped to remove some of the more stubborn colors and the crayon. So don’t forget to grab some of that. 😉 OH! And a loofa!

Have fun!!!!


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