Spiritual Thoughts

Discerning Between Truth & Lies

The lesson that I’m teaching the youth today is how about how we can discern truth from lies. It’s not always easy to discern. There are some lies that you know are down right wrong, and then there are some that leave you questioning. Have you ever thought, that because they leave you questioning, that should be a red flag to you that it’s a lie?

When I was a kid I got teased a lot by my older sister and then younger brothers as they got older. They took advantage of the fact that I struggled with discerning when they were teasing and when they were serious. I always took things seriously and ended up crying a lot. I heard “you need to stop being so sensitive” a lot when I was little. It felt like there was a broken record in the background. It wasn’t until The Hubs stepped in one day and intervened with the teasing that it has since stopped. He knew the truth. He defended the truth. He has helped me to be able to discern better what is truth and was is a tease or a lie.

In today’s world with all of internet and other forms of technology it is getting harder and harder to discern between truth and lies. Ever heard the phrase, ‘don’t believe everything you read on the internet’? That is so true. It’s hard to know what to believe. Even the sources that you trust could twist the truth a little. Whenever I see an article that peaks my interest while I’m on Facebook, I take a mental note and as The Hubs what he has read on other news sources. He loves reading the news — which I think he’s weird for that 😉 — so he helps me figure it out all.

There are a few sources that I trust when it comes to giving me the truth. I trust anything that comes from LDS leaders, church sponsored news reporters, scripture, or personal revelation. Why? Because Jesus Christ is the head of this church and He directs it’s leaders and those who follow Him to speak truth.

In my study of this topic for today, I have realized three things.

  1. If you study the scriptures you won’t be deceived. The scriptures don’t lie. You can learn so much more from study the scriptures about our day than you can about reading the news. Everything that we are going through today, we have gone through before in history. Read the scriptures, learn about the revelations and learn what comes next. The scriptures can very much be likened to our day and time. We just have to learn and want to apply them to ourselves.
  2. If we stay close to the Holy Ghost, the Holy Ghost will stay close to us. We need to always and forever be worthy to have the Holy Ghost as our companion. He will help us to ‘know the truth of all things’. (Moroni 10:5) He will guide, direct, prompted, counsel. Anything that we need to help us learn.
  3. We can always ask God for clarification. Prayer is our way to communicate with God and to learn the truth of all things. He wants to tell us. He wants to give us the answers. But because of our agency He can’t do it just because He wants to. We have to be the ones to ask for help and discernment. So do it. Don’t be afraid to get down on your knees and ask. Then listen.

Take the opportunity to study what Heavenly Father has given us through His prophets. He is trying to help us to discern between the truths and lies. We have to be open to his help and want it. We have to be willing to do the work and not just believe everything we hear and read.

I hope you have a beautiful Sabbath Day!! ❤

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