Date Night

Dinner & Garden Supplies

Can I just say how much I love date night? I love that no matter how busy we are during the week or month we have two dedicated nights a month for us!!

Our date nights aren’t super fancy. Just time for the two of us to talk with no kids around and we often just run errands together. 

This date night we went to Outback Steak House and used our last gift card from Christmas.

 Then we headed to Lowe’s to find some garden stuff. I have my lily bulbs for my little garden and I need snapdragons. I could find perennial snapdragons but found two other flowers that looked really pretty. We also bought some bigger pots for our pumpkin sprouts. With our spring arriving late it may be a little while longer before we can actually plant our sprouts. 

Once we got home we snuggled and finished watching a movie we had started the night before. Real thrilling right?! 😉 

Date night doesn’t haven’t to be filled with expensive things and fireworks. What matters is the quality time you spend together strengthening your relationship! ❤


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