Spiritual Thoughts

What I Took from the General Women’s Session

There was soon much that was amazing about the General Women’s Broadcast last night. There were three things that stuck out to me:

  1. Trust in God. Lean not unto thine own understanding and He will guide you. It’s not often easy to do. To fully trust God. We, and by we I mostly mean me ;), have our own time tables. We like things to happen in our time, in our way, and be in control. Well guess what? We are not in control. Heavenly Father has this amazing plan and we need to have faith in it. We need to let go. We need to trust, have faith, and listen to His will. We will be happier when we do. Trust me! I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I had this great plan for myself when I was a teenager and none of that plan happened. It hasn’t been until the last 6 months to a year that I feel like I can finally let go of the plan I had for myself and trust in God’s timing and His plan for me. I feel like since I’ve done that, I have felt led more. I have felt more promptings. I have felt more at peace. You can keep moving forward with plans and desires, but just know that God sees all and knows all and what we want may not be the best.  So trust Him with all thine heart.
  2. Be a ‘certain women’. I don’t know what the definition is. But I picture a definition. I picture a women who is kind, loving, caring, compassionate, patient, peaceful, holy, strong, independent, reliable, friendly, etc. I picture a woman who takes of herself so that her cup is running over to administer to those around her. I picture a woman who looks for those you need something and does what she can to full the others persons cup. I picture a woman who serves without realizing it. I picture a woman who has a smile on her face and in her heart and who’s eyes shine with the understanding that she is a daughter of God. I picture all the woman from the bible (Esther, Mary, Martha, Mary Magdalene) and the unspoken women throughout the Book of Mormon. Those who stood faithfully beside their fathers, brothers, and husbands and helped and encouraged them to honor their priesthood. I want to be just like those women. I want to be a ‘certain woman.’
  3. Weak things can be made strong. I love that with the help of the Savior we can feel whole and powerful. After I had my panic attack at the beginning of the month, I certainly felt very weak. I felt more vulnerable and broken than I had in a long time. But through prayer I was able to feel stronger. I used to be a very dependent person. I used to not be able be able to sleep or function when my husband would go out of town. I used to struggle when being alone when my husband had church responsibilities to attend to. Basically, I struggled a lot. But through prayer and the atonement, I have become stronger and more independent. Now we can laugh at how often The Hubs is breezing in and out the door due to various things. Now I can go to bed on my own and function when he goes hunting. I feel more free and less paralyzed with fear. I had no idea how truly weak I was. Now, as I look back, I have realized how strong I have become.

It was a beautiful session and I’m looking forward to General Conference next weekend. Which speaking of…………… Do you remember last Novembers Visiting Teaching Printable?

I am going to be doing that again for May’s visiting teaching printable. So… take notes and remember your favorite quotes! Send them into me via email, or DM through Instagram or comment below!! I would love to have more quotes than we did last year. Do give you ladies more options for your sisters. To be able to pick specific quotes that you think would help them specifically. If you follow me on Instagram, I’ll be posting reminders this week and through the first few weeks of April so don’t forget. I’m pretty sure May and November are my favorite visiting teaching months! 😉



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