Date Night

Card Games by Candle Light

Date #6 of the #tsk24datesin1year was pretty low key and I was really nervous about it. Go read about date #5 and you’ll understand why I was nervous to plan another date.

The Hubs isn’t not a fan of games. In all of our almost 8 years of marriage, we have played games less than a handful of times. Which was hard for me at first because in my family we were always paying games. But I adjusted.

I really wanted to play games and just have a low key evening. I haven’t been feeling well the last month — you can read about it here — and was honestly feeling exhausted but didn’t want to give up my set aside quality time with The Hubs to do something out of the ordinary. So after cruising Pinterest for a while, game night sounded the most relaxing. Add a little candle light and soft snuggly blankets picnic style on the floor and it makes it kind of romantic too.

I looked online for new card games that we could play, but between my mom brain and sick brain the rules for new games just weren’t computing. So I pulled out Uno, Skip-bo, Old Maid, and some face cards and decided that we could just stick with some oldies this time around. We ended up playing several rounds of Uno and laughing at how fast or slow each round would be, or how many times each of us would loose in a row. We had fun! I even found out that The Hubs didn’t mind playing with just me. So, sounds like we might have more game nights in the future.

OH! And he even gave me a refresher course on how to fold paper airplanes. Little Man had asked me to make one and it was an epic fail. I’m looking forward to flying more airplanes now.


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