Date Night

Gyros and Landscape Plans

Date 5 of our 24 years this year was interesting. March is my month to plan the dates. I would have a plan and then would change it. I wanted to try this new soup and sandwich places but the more I looked at the menu online, the less I wanted to go. So learn from me, don’t look at the menu of a place you have never been to before you go. Totally takes the fun out of it.

So the night of our date I didn’t have a plan. We were talking about it before we left and The Hubs was shooting down every idea I had. Seriously! I was getting rather discouraged. So after shooting out different restaurant ideas, we finally settled our favorite gyro place.

After dinner, the plan was to go to some second hand stores to look for some furniture but The Hubs figured they were all closed. So we decided to go to Home Depot and dream a little. (No, this is not the first time we’re going to Home Depot for a date night ;).)

So what were we dreaming about? Landscaping. We never really got a chance to do much landscaping in any of the places we have lived. We have tried and dreamed about it, but we didn’t have the money to do much. This time, we are a little better off and want to actually make something happen.

So we looked at lights to go along our driveway, fencing to go around our yard, and patio furniture.

Once we got home, we thought we’d take it another step and start drawing out what we both had in mind.

We need to expand our driveway some how. There is barely enough room for the truck and car to sit side by side. So we want to expand with a grave park place. I want a small flower garden out front for my lilies, tall grass, and snap dragons. We want to expand our back patio to have a nice place to eat outside and grill, to invite friends over, and enjoy our fire pit. We want a pumpkin patch and vegetable garden. I would love to have a big enough patch to invite people to come pick pumpkins for a small fee to teach the kids some responsibility. Oh… and we can’t forget the shed to house all of the tool and garden stuff that is throwing up in the garage ;).

We love to dream. And I love that little by little our dreams are coming true. We started in a trailer with a 1ft wide, 6ft long garden that barely produced anything. To a duplex that we own (and currently rent out) that had a great garden that ended up producing more than we thought it would and having to give it a lot away. To a house that had a huge yard and the room for some many possibilities!

Don’t be afraid to dream big. It may not happen right away or all at once, but it can and will happen little by little!!



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