Spiritual Thoughts

Historical Stake Conference

Today we have stake conference. It’s not just any ordinary stake conference. Today, our stake is being split in two and we are going to be apart of the new Frenchtown Montana Stake. This is a very historic moment and one that could bring our area closer to a goal that a former stake president set several years ago.

The goal was to bring a temple to this area.

Our closest temple is Spokane Washington. That’s about 2.5 hours away and not safe to get to once the snow flies. So basically my stake only attends the temple between March and November. (Unless you’re lucky and can catch a great weekend to travel.)

The stake to the north of us, Kalispell Stake, travels to Cardston Alberta. That’s about a 2.5-3 hr drive and you have to have a passport. Not many people can afford to get passports.

The Butte Stake, I think went to Billings Montana at one point which is between 2-3 hrs for some but now go to Idaho Falls which is 2-3 hours.

Those are just our surrounding stakes and what I know of their areas. Our closest temples are far away and not easy to get to. I know there are people who are farther away from the temple. But I am so grateful that the work hasn’t stopped to bring temples closer and closer to all of us!!

I have dreamed for years of living in a place where I could easily attend the temple without having to move to Utah. I have always wanted to be able to have temple dates once a month, to be able to attend weekly by myself, or to work in the temple. Maybe with building a new stake, we are getting closer to goal. Maybe sometime in the next few years we’ll get even closer.

Do you live close to a temple? Do you take advantage of what others wish and dream for? If you don’t, try to! Don’t just try, do it!! Make the time to go to the temple and spend time close to home. Do it for yourself and for those of us who want to!




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