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Tune In To Your Entertainment

How many of you know exactly what your children watch?

We bought our iPad right after Little Man was born and from the moment he could control the iPad and knew how to get into Netflix and pick shows, we taught him that there are no shows and yes shows. If there was a show he wanted to watch that he hadn’t watch before, he had to ask us to watch it with him so we could decide if it was a no or yes show. He was very good a coming to us. Then there was one show that seemed ok, but ended up being a no show.

Have you heard of the Netflix Original Beat Bugs? It’s a super cute show. The bus are cute. The music is from the Beatles. It’s opening up children to a generation of music that, let’s be honest, my generation is most likely not going to share with their kids. Then one day Little Man started singing, “I’m a looser, I’m a looser” over and over again. I asked him why he was singing that and where he got it from. Come to find out from The Hubs, it’s a song on Beat Bugs. My first thought was why on earth would you put a song like that in a kids show? Come to find out, the Beatles did put out a song called I’m a looser. Needless to say Beat Bugs became a no show. Little Man was really upset about it. I don’t blame him either. I liked the show. But I’m not going to let my kids watch a show where the catchiest song is about being a looser. I’m sure that the episode went on to explain something about being a looser, but Little Man isn’t going to understand that. That’s not what he’s going to take away from the episode. All he got out of it was a song that sends a bad message in my opinion. We had several talks with Little Man over the next few days and explained that he is not a looser. That the word looser is not a nice word and that it’s not nice to call someone a looser. It became a teaching moment, but one that I was not ready to teach a 3 year old.

Have you ever noticed a sudden change in your kids behavior? Their tone of voice changing in the way they speak to you or their siblings? Move violent behavior? Have you ever thought that it comes from the shows they watch?

The reason why I bring this up, is because when we are aware and in tune with our children, we can help them be aware and in tune with the things they watch, listen to, and read. We can help them understand what they should turn off or put away before we have to intervene. If we start young, our children are better able to fight off the adversary and temptation.

For you mom’s of girls…. Are you going to let your daughters watch all the Disney Princess movies? I personally am not a fan of all of them. My three favorites, in order ;), are Cinderella, Beauty & The Beast, and The Little Mermaid. Before I had Sweet Pea though, I made a promise to myself that I was going to do my hardest to not let her go all princess crazy. I made a promise to teach her the amazing lessons that comes through those movies.

The other day, I listened to a woman bash Cinderella and the other princess movies. She was disgusted by the movies and thought they only taught our daughters to be lazy and wishy washy and to just wait for Prince Charming to show up. I wanted to be offended. It sounds silly but I admire Cinderella so much for what it teaches. So instead of getting offended, I explained the real message behind the movie.

Cinderella teaches our daughters to love and serve those who are mean, rude, hurtful, and unkind. She teaches our daughters to have courage, be kind, and love unconditionally no matter how hard it might be. She teachers are daughters to never give up, have faith, and trust in the Lord’s timing. She teachers our daughters that it’s okay to dream, to have hopes, but to not let them get in the way of reality. She teaches are daughters that hard work is something that women can do, that it’s okay to get dirty, and that it’s okay to cry when you’re having a hard time. She also teachers our daughters that love is possible no matter what ‘station’ you are.

Are you aware of the movies you are watching? Are you aware of the messages that are sending to you? Can you watch your shows in front of your children?

Being aware of and in tune with the shows that we watch, the music that we listen to, and the books that we read is more important than we realize. Those with bad messages will not allow the spirit with us or in our homes. Those with good messages will allow the spirit to reside in our homes. I know that it’s not always possible to monitor every little thing our children do. But I do strongly believe that we can try and that as parents we need to us every opportunity that we can as a teaching moment.

Find the movies and the shows, like Cinderella, that teach positive and meaningful messages. Don’t be afraid to restrict movies and shows. We are the only advocates that our children have. We are the ones to teach them right from wrong. We are the ones that help them put on the armor of God. Let’s help them find the strongest armor possible.

4 thoughts on “Tune In To Your Entertainment

  1. I was there when the lady was bashing princess movies, and I was fuming in the back of the room. I was just about to say something when you raised your hand. I was so proud of you for what you said to her! And I totally agree with you! You rock!

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