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Breakfast Sandwich

We were watching TV the other night the McDonalds commercial for their breakfast sandwiches came on and my mouth started watering. That’s not normal for me. McDonalds usually makes me want to throw up. Most fast food now a days makes me sick unless I’m really craving it. So I decided the best way to fix the hankering was to make them myself. So check out the simplicity and healthy McStoker Sandwiches! Hahah! 😉

English Muffins
Canadian Bacon or Sausage
Cheese, your favorite flavor
*Measurements depend on how many you’re serving. I made 5 sandwiches of the 3.5 of us.

Make scrambled eggs and try to scramble them in larger chunks.
Warm the Canadian bacon or cook the sausage.
Toast your english muffins and butter them.
Assemble as desired!

{Source: Craving}


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