Date Night


Date 3 of our 24 date this year was sooooo fun!! Who has ever tried teppanyaki?! Do you even know what that is? Because I didn’t until we got to our date!

The Hubs took us to Kobe Seafood and Steak House. I was nervous. The last time we have seafood — it was not at a seafood place — it ended up being sashimi instead of cooked fish like I had asked for. I was frustrated and we haven’t been back to that restaurant. So as I got out of the car, The Hubs said it was sushi night and I about cringed. I have also tried sushi before and umm… it’s not for me. But I walked into the restaurant determined to try again.

As we walked in there was a bar in the front to the side, then regular table seating further back, another bar along the back of the restaurant, and then seating around grills. They seated us around a grill and we started checking out the menu while we waited for the rest of the seating to be filled.

We picked Sweet Potato Fries for our appetizer, I chose Salmon, and The Hubs had a Filet. With our dinner also came onion soup, salad with a fruity dressing, fried rice, stir fried veggies, and two shrimp. The meats, rice, and veggies were cooked right in front of us and it was cool to watch. But it was even cooler for me to learn a few tricks for cooking at home!

I loved the food!! It was all a little too salty for me at first, but after a few bites, my taste buds adjusted and I just melted. The only thing that I didn’t care for was the fruity dressing on my salad. But everything else…. Mmmmmmm! I even took my left overs home thinking they would be subpar the next day, but they were just as delicious!

The one thing that I missed thinking back on the experience, was the chance to talk intimately and just be the two of us. With teppanyaki you are a grill that seats 7-8 people so you can’t really have a private conversation. I love date night for that reason. That it’s just the two of us and we can talk about anything. However, the entertainment that we received from both our waiter and our chef was above and beyond and I haven’t smiled that much at a dinner because of the staff at a restaurant. EVER! So for a dinner and a show it was the perfect out date night!

Would I recommend Kobe to anyone?! YES!!

I’m looking forward to what The Hubs has planned for our at home date night!


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