Spiritual Thoughts

To Act & Not Be Acted Upon

It is our responsibility to learn the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is not anyone else’s responsibly. Not our parents. Not our teachers. Not the missionaries. It is ours alone. We are the ones that need to seek, knock, and ask. 

My lesson to the youth today focuses on what it means to seek learning by faith and I’ll be pulling a lot of it from Elder Bednars CES talk titled Seek Learning by Faith, more specifically the section titled “Learn by Faith: To Act and Not To Be Acted Upon.” I learned so much studying for this weeks lesson. It is because we have been blessed with the gift of agency, that we are to act, to seek out the gospel and learn for ourselves, and not to be acted upon or expect others to give us their knowledge. 

As a teachers it’s hard sometimes to teach. We really shouldn’t be teaching as much as we should be guiding those in our classes to seek learning and direct them on how to learn and where to find what it is they want to learn. It wasn’t until a year or so ago that I finally found or felt the desire to really come into Christ and get to know Him and His gospel. I really starting wanting to know for myself. I hate to admit it but until last year was the first time I ever read the Book of Mormon. I am 28 years old and I have never read the entire Book of Mormon. I felt awful, guilty even. It wasn’t until I received a Priesthood blessing and was told to ‘steal away more time to read the Book of Mormon’ that I actually did. I set a goal to read it in 6 months and wound of up finishing it in 3. I got so caught up on the stories and the language. I craved reading it. I still do even!! I am reading it again but a little slower this time. My point is, we aren’t going to learn much if we just attend classes on Sundays or show up to seminary and expect the teachers to teach. We need to have open hearts and minds and let the Holy Ghost bear testimony to us that what the teacher is trying to share is true. We need to put forth the effort and study. We need to be sincere, consistent, and exercise faith!

Elder Bednar uses 1 Nephi 11-14 where Nephi has a vision to receive confirmation about Lehi’s dream of the tree of life and so much more. He uses it to show how Nephi didn’t just sit back and let Lehi teach him. He wanted to know for himself so he prayed about it. And because he was acting in faith and seeking out the truth in prayer, he was given a sign and was taught about the tree of life, the condescension of God, the birth, life, and crucifixtion of Christ. But even in the vision, the angel Nephi was talking to didn’t just talk to him. He asked him questions. He prodded and helped Nephi to go deeper and learn more. The angel helped him learn. 

There are many other examples of people in the scriptures and in our daily lives who actively seek out the gospel and act on what they learn and their desires to know. From the scriptures there is King Lamoni and his father, Alma the elder and Alma the younger, Lehi, And Enos… just to name a few. If it wasn’t for Joseph Smith and his desire to know which church was the true church and which to join we wouldn’t have this amazing gospel!! Think of all the converts! Are there any in your family? Are you a convert? The Hubs is a convert and I am so grateful that he acted and sought out the gospel in faith! 

I wish I had found the desire to seek learning by faith sooner in my life. I hope that as I teach the youth, and write these posts, that I can maybe inspire, or help grow your desires to act and not to be acted upon. Read the lesson for the following week. Read a verse or two in the Book of Mormon every day. Line upon line, precept upon precept. Little by little it will come! I know it will because it did for me! ❤️


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