Tune In Moments

Doubt Your Doubts

‘Tuning in’ has been a lot harder than I thought it would be. Especially lately. This past Sunday in class, I reminded my kids that there will be times in life when your testimony will wax and wane. The last couple of weeks, I feel like my spiritual strength has been waning.

As mothers, we often times don’t feel like we are good enough. That has been me. I haven’t felt like a good enough mom, wife, teacher, sister, friend…. you name it! Then I had this realization this morning while I was doing yoga.

Satan is not happy with how strong and happy I was. So he has been throwing everything at me that he can and it has been feeling like he is winning. I am so off my game that even during my yoga practice I was struggling with my balance which isn’t normal for me.

My doubts and fears have started to overcome my strength and my faith. I have been letting Satan win. I have been letting him tell me that I’m good enough. Well guess what?! That ain’t happenin’ any more!!!!

I am a good mother!
I am a good wife!
I am a good teacher!
I am a good sister!
I am a good friend!
I am beautiful!

I have discovered that in order to ‘tune in’ spiritually, I need to be tuned into myself. I need to be calm and centered within, in order to really be able to connect with the Savior. So this ‘tune in’ series is going to shift gears a bit. We will never be 100% on with our spiritual game. As much as we wish we could be, that just isn’t reality. So this series is just what it is… Tune In Moments.

A few posts back I explained that my word of the year is ‘aware‘. I have been realizing so much and becoming so aware just in the last week. Tuning In and becoming Aware are basically the same thing… So to make my point clear….

This series is going to be a place for me to share all that I am becoming aware of as I tune in to myself, my kids, my husband, my savior, and more! It won’t all be spiritual. It may very well be all random. But that’s motherhood for you right?

I am LDS. I love to cook and bake. I am a mother. I am striving to be more aware of life, myself, and those around me all while connecting more with my Savior. So feel free to continue following this series and know you are not alone in your battle to be the best woman God intended you to be.


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