The Wandering Mind

2017 Word of the Year: AWARE

I want to interrupt the usually schedule ‘tune in moment’ to bring to you my word of the year. My word of the year will hopefully help me more as I strive to ‘tune in’.

I think I have finally figured out my word for 2017.

We usually have a family motto and we haven’t done one in two years. That needs to change and I think The Hubs and I need to hold a family council to determine our family motto for 2017 and get back on the band wagon. BUT, that being said, last year my personal motto was Make The ChoiceIt took me a while to figure out what I wanted my personal motto to be and once I found it, I committed to it and I loved every second of it. I will continue to hold to that motto. It’s very personal to me and will always stay with me no matter the year.

As I was writing my most recent Spiritual Thought post, it came to me. I have been pondering and praying in my heart to find a word that could help me focus this year and I’m looking forward to this word.


I want to be more aware of…

  • the tender mercies of the Lord in my daily life.
  • my children and their needs.
  • my husband and his needs.
  • myself.
  • all those around me.
  • the youth I teach.
  • those I visit teach.
  • of life!

What is your word or motto of the year?!



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