Tune In Moments

You Are Never Alone

With the business and craziness of the holidays it has been really hard to ‘tune in’. I have tried to sit down and be calm and still but then my mind goes crazy with all the things that I still need to get done. That, or I am soooo tired that I just crash.

This morning Little Man started preschool. This morning he asked me why I was going to leave him to leave him alone at school. I told him that mom can’t come with him to school. That’s just how it works, but I would be back in a few hours to pick him up. Once we got there and he saw all the kids and toys, he ran off and I had to beg him to come back and give me a kiss good-bye.

As I’ve replayed this conversation and moment in my head, I wonder if we said the same thing to Heavenly Father when it was time for us to come down here. Why is He going to leave us on earth alone? I wonder if He said He would come get in us in a few hours (His time) and that everything would be fine. I wonder how hard it was for Him — and Heavenly Mother — to say goodbye for now and watch us head into something completely new and unknown.

I have had a prayer in my heart for Little Man all day. I’m sure he is having fun and doing great. I’m sure Heavenly Father does the same thing as He watches over us all day.

Just as excitedly as I’m sure Little Man will talk about his first day of school, we should be just as excited to tell Heavenly Father about our day in prayer. The last few months I have spent my evening prayers in thanks, expressing my gratitude for the big and small things that have happened throughout the day with an occasional ‘please help’. It’s been a wonderful time for me to let Him know that I really do care about all that He blesses me with.

As we head into this New Year, I am recommitting and challenging you to make sure you spend a few minutes every day listening to and for the spirit. Take the time to be still and tune in. Take the time to be grateful.

have a beautiful day My Beauties!! ❤


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