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I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas yesterday! I lead our ward choir in our Christmas Program and they sang beautifully!

Looking for a simple and fun food for New Years Eve?

Mmmm Nachos! I love me some nachos. Super easy dinner and so many different ways that you can make it. Which, makes it perfect when everyone has different tastes. Did I mention it’s kid friendly?

When I was a kid, my dad would make the super basic kind of nachos (chips and cheese) and we’d watch a Star Trek marathon. So making nachos kind of brings back memories but now I have added to them to make them more of a dinner then a snack!

Taco Meet
Tomatoes, diced
Olives, sliced
Sour Cream

Make some beef according to taco seasoning packet.
Spread tostitos over a cookie sheet.
Grate lots of cheese over top.
Place under the broiler until the cheese is melted.
Top with meat, cheese, tomatoes, olives.
Top with guac and sour cream if desired, but like them to the side.


{Source: My brain ;)}


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