Tune In Moments

I Think of Mary

I have a love/hate relationship with this time of year. We have a birthday in November, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and another birthday in January. It’s a busy time full of lots of family gatherings and money spent on presents and it’s stressful. But what I love about this time of year, is I feel like I have a better understanding of what Mary was going through.

From Little Man’s birthday in November to Sweet Peas birthday in January, I reflect back on my pregnancies and I wonder, ponder, and think a lot about Mary and what she went through. Though times have changed and situations are different, I feel like I have been able to find connections. Connections that help me to feel more compassion for her, more love for her.

Mary is the kind of woman and mother anyone could hope to be like. She is a beautiful example of the divine roll of motherhood. I hope that I can be half the mother and woman that Mary was to Jesus.

As we round the corner into this Christmas weekend, take a few moments and ponder about Mary. The earthly mother of Jesus Christ.


{image from LDS.org}




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