Spiritual Thoughts

Christmas is about CHRIST

This year I have had a really hard time with the presents. I feel, for some reason, like this year has been more about the physical aspects of Christmas instead of about Christ. I have felt like the focus has been more on the gifts and the money spent instead of the time spent with family and friends and on learning about Christ.

In my own home I have done my best to focus on Christ.

Our tree is not up. Mostly because I didn’t want to fight Sweet Pea every day about not touching the tree. We have 2 nativities on display and one to play with. An advent calendar and 1 wreath. That is the extent of our decorations. Each day, thanks to 25daysofchrist.com, we read a quote, a scripture, and watch a video or two about the life of Christ. I have loved spending our breakfast time getting to know the Savior a little better.

As I was preparing for my lesson this week, I wanted to remind my youth what Christmas really is about. That it’s not about presents, Santa, time off from school, sleeping in (although that’s a nice one), or anything else. It’s about Christ. It’s about His life and ministry. It’s about the crucifixion and resurrection. Because without all of it, without all the Christ went through, his birth would be just another birth.

There is so much to learn about Christ. We need only to read the scriptures. The Book of Mormon truly is another testament of Jesus Christ. You can learn so much about Him if you just read the Book of Mormon. I have spent the last three months getting to know my Savior a little better by reading the Book of Mormon and I am so grateful that I have. I feel like I truly know Him a little better and I’m looking forward to getting to know Him even better the next time around.

I found this video clip while preparing my lesson and it really hit home to me. Please watch and ’embrace the gift’.


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