Visiting Teaching

December 2016 Visiting Teaching: Family Joy Is Found in Righteousness

God “established families to bring us happiness, to help us learn correct principles in a loving atmosphere, and to prepare us for eternal life.”

I love that first sentence from this months visiting teaching message. With Thanksgiving just behind us and Christmas a few weeks away, family is pretty much all we are thinking about right now. Family parties, dinners, get togethers, gift exchanges, and more.

When I read the quote above though, I think about my family. The Hubs, Little Man, and Sweet Pea. I think about how much happiness they have brought to me. I think about how much I have learned from them and how I hope with all my heart, that we are teaching them the right things in the right ways.

A Christ-centered home provides the greatest opportunities for success. …”where the gospel is taught, covenants are kept, and love abounds,” where families can live “an obedient life” and become “firmly rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

It is not always easy to provide a Christ-centered home. There are so many different ways now that Satan can invade our homes. Over the last almost two years, I have worked hard at having a more Christ-centered home and even more in the last few months. I strive for our home to be a safe haven from the world and a place of peace and rest.

I would like you to consider the question asked at the end of the visiting teaching message before you go and visit your sisters…

What could we do to live more righteously within our families?

I know I will be pondering it and maybe having a family council with The Hubs about it!

December Visiting Teaching Message

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