Tune In Moments

If Ye Are Prepared

If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear.  — Doctrine & Covenants 38:30

This hunting season has been a rough one. The Hubs was literally out hunting for about 14 days in September. He saw nothing. He has gone out several weekends since and still nothing. Hunting season closes the weekend of Thanksgiving so he left in the evening on Thanksgiving to give it one last try.

We were frustrated. In seven years we have not had to buy red meat.

Confession: I bought red meat once for a freezer meal workshop and I had to call my mom and ask for help. I have never had to buy red meat and had no idea what I was doing.

The start of November started the conversation of having to buy a cow and maybe a pig so that we’d have meat for next year. We were fully prepared to do and going hunting on the last weekend of the season was kind of a hail Mary.

When The Hubs goes hunting, he usually sits and listens. He takes the time to ask Heavenly Father where he should go and he waits for a prompting. Some years have been immediate ‘go this direction and an elk will be waiting’ prompts. Others, like this one, are ‘well you could go anywhere’ and are rather vague. I don’t know the specifics for this year. All I know is that none of The Hubs brothers have had success either so they were all out taking advantage of the last weekend.

Well, Black Friday morning, I woke to a text from The Hubs saying he got a small elk and was off to look for a deer. What?! That is awesome!!! By the end of the day the count was 2 deer and 7 elk!!! After all their hard work and dedication and working on being prepared if this year’s season provided nothing, we were blessed!!

My dedicated time to sit still, listen, ponder, and tune in are the times I feed and rock Sweet Pea to sleep. So as I was doing so, the scripture from Doctrine & Covenants popped into my head and the connection was made. As long as we are prepared for whatever may happen, we will be provided for, blessed, take care of, watched over, guided… you name it. We shall not fear!!



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