Tune In Moments

Unlock Your Heart

Our iPad recently updated by itself. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem. But this time, it was a big problem.

In the mornings, Little Man will come out of his room and come say good morning to me as I’m getting dressed and then he’ll head back to the kitchen/living room and grab the iPad and snuggle up on the couch to watch one of his shows on Netflix or play a game. Everything seemed pretty normal, until later in the morning when he came to me saying the iPad wasn’t working.

A little back story… On this particular morning, I had to unplug the iPad and plug in my iPhone in because for some reason it hadn’t charged during the night in my room. As I was switching the devices, I noticed that the iPad said we needed to open it to finish the installation of update 10.blah.blah. My first thought was eh?! The Hubs must have started the update as he went to bed. Well, after doing my workout and showering I had completely forgotten all about it and that’s when the trouble began.

So Little Man brings the iPad to me and it’s locked. You need a passcode to set get into the iPad. We have never used a passcode on the iPad because we have used ours as a learning tool for Little Man. So this was rather frustrating. I thought at first that maybe the update had automatically created it’s own passcode. Then it hit me! A flash back to this morning and the little notification that said the iPad had been updated. Oh crap!!!!

I texted The Hubs all frustrated and frantic. It hadn’t exactly been a good morning. He said to leave it alone and he’d fix it when he got home because it’s been acting weird lately anyway. I was still frustrated because Sweet Pea and I were having a rough day and the iPad has been a great tool for learning and babysitting. So thanks to The Hubs and his quick thinking, an Ice Age marathon commenced for the rest of the day.

But as I sat on the bathroom floor crying out of frustration and exhaustion, a thought popped into my head… How often do we lock the Savior out of our lives?

Like I said before our iPad has been a great learning tool for Little Man. We have games that have helped him learn his ABC’s, 123’s, puzzles, learning shows, Childrens Primary Song book app. We also use it to read scriptures and more. We learn so much on our device. However, we can learn so much more from our Savior and His teachings.

This moment might not make sense or mean much to you, but it has taught me a lesson. To always make sure that my heart is unlocked to His spirit and guiding influence. To really work on tuning my ears, my eyes, my heart, and whole soul to the Savior so I can learn more.

As I have unlocked myself to Him, I feel like I have started to become a better mother and wife. I have felt more of a pull and desire to study the gospel. I have felt the need to distance myself from social media more and spend more of my time with the two little blessings in my life. It is seriously amazing what changes when you really start to tune out the static and tune in to the spirit!


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