Spiritual Thoughts

Setting Spiritual Goals

This month in my youth Sunday school class it’s all about goals. In going through each lesson to pick the ones I want to focus on this month, I have been reflecting on past goals, reevaluating current goals, and thinking about future goals.

All of my goals in the past, even up to about a year ago, were temporal goals. You know, physical, financial, educational. It wasn’t until about a year and half ago that I started making spiritual goals. Let me tell you something… I have grown more, learned more, and accomplished more in the last year and half then I feel like I have in my whole life.

Why don’t we focus more on spiritual goals?

I have learned more about myself while diving into the scriptures than I ever have before. The even crazier thing is as I have made more spiritual goals, I have found more time in my day. How? I have reorganized my priorities. The things that were waiting my time are either severely limited or gone — yes that means FB ;).

As I read preparing my lesson for today, I kept thinking about the talk Elder Oaks gave back in 2008 (man has time flown) called Good, Better, Best. There are good, better, and best goals that we can be making. Yes physical, educational, financial, social goals are all good and better. But the best goals are the ones that help us get baptized, hold temple recommends, attend the temple, and more. The goals will be the ones that will help us return to live our Heavenly Father again.

Most of the kids in my class are attending mission prep class. I am amazed! As a youth a mission was far from my mind. Of course that was long enough ago that sisters couldn’t go until they were 21 and I had ever intention of being married by then. Our youth today have to be strong and smarter in all aspects of their lives now so that when they graduate, they are full prepared to go out into the world and teach the gospel to those who are ready and waiting.

I wish I had a teacher as a youth who had set me down and help me realize the value in making spiritual goals earlier on in my life. Like reading the Book of Mormon all the way, praying not just daily but twice a day and more.

In my class today, I am going to challenge my youth to pick a spiritual goal and to focus on it until the end of this year. That is only 6 weeks! Will you join in? Will you pick a spiritual goal to work on?

I am going to focus on saying my personal prayers twice a day. I am great at night, but the morning isn’t. I need to find a time that will work every day and then stick to it. That’s the key. Setting aside a specific time during your day to accomplish your goal, or focus on it and get it done. Need help coming up with a spiritual goal? Comment below and lets chat! Send me an email. Find me on Instagram and send me a DM. It is literally freeing when you make the time to get closer to your Father in Heaven.

I hope you all have a fabulous Sabbath Day! ❤


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