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November 2016 Visiting Teaching: Quotes from Conference

I am soooo excited for Novembers ‘Quotes from Conference Jar’ Visiting Teaching handout!!! I know that some of you have been anxiously awaiting the handout as well. With November comes many difference options for what to share with your sisters.

Novembers visiting teaching message can come from any conference talk. My favorite talk is A Witness of God by Elder Neil L. Andersen. Why? Because for the first time in many many years, I did not feel guilty for struggling with sharing the gospel. I felt like this talk was just for me; that Heavenly Father was telling me to let go of the guilt that I have felt for years and to press forward in the ways that I have been in sharing the gospel via social media! It has been a huge relief to feel the guilt lifted from my shoulders and fell a more positive energy flowing through me. ❤

Don’t these look so fun?

I did this last fall for my sisters and one of them told me how much she loved it and how much she needed and enjoyed the quotes. When I complied the quotes last fall, I had picked out all my favorites and it seemed to take forever. So this year I reached out to my followers on Instagram for their favorites quotes and was happy to receive 20 submissions!!

I encourage you to pray for and about each of your sisters you visit and find a talk that will speak to them. Listen to the spirit and follow the guidance He gives. In addition to the talk that you are inspired to share, take this jar of quotes with you. For these quotes may strengthen them on another day.

Thank you for all who helped by submitting quotes and encouraging me along the way. I can hardly wait to do this again come May!!

October 2016 General Conference Talks
(The link above takes you to all the conference talks.)

Right click and save image to downloads OR click the ‘google drive’ links.
Print out the two pages of conference talk quotes.
Cut along the dotted lines.
Fold or roll the quotes and stick them in jars.
Decorate as you see fit.

Google Drive PDF File pg 1


Google Drive PDF File pg 2



3 thoughts on “November 2016 Visiting Teaching: Quotes from Conference

  1. Well, my friend, you do NOT disappoint!! When I heard about your feed from LittleElleRae’s IG, I’d not yet seen or heard of you before. You are an AMAZING fireball. I can NOT believe all you accomplish in a day! And these quotes are perfect for my lovely sisters! I’m sure they will love them! Thanks for all you do…especially for all us folks out here in space!! You are the best!! xoxox

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