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Missionary Work

I loved General Conference yesterday. Even though I was baking all day, my kiddos were loud, and I put Sweet Pea down for a nap during both sessions, I was still able to hear a good chunk of both sessions.

As I was feeding Sweet Pea this morning I was reflecting on the talks yesterday and what I remembered and the thoughts and feelings that I keep going back to are about the talks on missionary service.

In the past, I have tuned out as soon as I realize the talks were about missionary work. I know that sounds bad, but I had a really bad experience as a kid and haven’t been able to really get past it since. My fear of doing missionary work face to face has just taken over. (I do know that is something I need to work on.)

When we lived in Kalispell, I shared that with the missionaries and I also explained that I am on social media a lot. They said then why no do small things of missionary work on social media. I had never thought to do that. So that’s when I started. I would share little quotes here and there and now it’s grown to posting pictures of scriptures I read, quotes from conference talks, and now blog posts.

What I specifically loved about the talks on missionary work, is that I did not feel guilty at all while listening to them and I love everything they had to say. They were kind, gentle, and explained that there are other ways than the face to face missionary work. What I loved the most…..


I can’t remember who said it. This conference I decided it didn’t matter who was talking, it only matter what I felt and what I felt inspired to write down. It made a difference in just listening and feeling. But I also feel silly sharing this and not knowing who said it. So if you know…. Let me know and I’ll fix it!!! But, I LOVE that our missionary work, or lack there of at the moment, is not the determining factor of our salvation.

I love the song (and scripture):

And if it so be that ye should labor all your days, and bring but one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy with Him in the kingdom of our Father. How great shall be your joy.

It also says in my patriarchal blessing that I will have an impact on and be an influence in bring about many special and important people to the gospel. So there is another reason that I have felt guilty in not doing more when it comes to missionary work. But you know what? Some times there is only so much that you can do and sometimes your time is not now. Like one of the talks said, you can’t convert on your time table. Conversion happens on their time table. You may be planting the seed, you may be feeding, watering, and nourishing the seed, or you may be reaping the harvest of and baptizing those who have strong roots in their testimony of Jesus Christ. It all happens in stages. But as long as we are doing out part to share what we can when we can, we are bring souls unto Christ.

I am looking forward to hearing the rest of conference and eating the coffee cake I made yesterday. AND…. it appears that we may be having soup again today too. We barely made a dent in the double batch I made. ❤



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