The Wandering Mind

Top 5 Pet-Peeves

Pet-peeves can change depending on your where you are in life. Some of mine are situational and some are ones that I’ve had for years!! I’d love to hear some of your pet-peeves!! Share in the comments section below!!

  1. Ever Changing Plans: I hate it when someone tells me this is what is going to happen and then 5-10 minutes later this happens instead. I hate it when someone says we are leaving at this time and 2 hours later we are coming I swear. It seem silly, but I just can’t handle incessant changes to a schedule that happen all at once. I don’t like when plans change a week to a few days in advance, but at least I have time to breath and adjust. But when changes change every 5-10 minutes for about an hour…. That just drives me up a tree.
  2. Messing with my kids sleeping schedule: This one I know will change eventually, but I really hate it when I work hard to put my kids to sleep to just have someone wake them up. Even if it’s on accident. It makes me made. It shouldn’t. But when I fight to get them to sleep because they are over time and then someone wakes them up, I just want to sit down and cry.
  3. Lack of Communication: Thank goodness this doesn’t happen often. But when it does…. GRRR!! I hate it when I plan something and last minute oh by the way…. Are you kidding me? Why couldn’t you have told me when you found out? Communication is key to just about everything. Talk!!!
  4. Pen clicking: I worked with someone once who incessantly clicked her pen and didn’t realize it. We (my co-workers and I) went around the office I was working at (it was a small office) after she left one day and hit all the clicky pens. She was frustrated when she showed up the next day and when she came back from lunch she had bought herself clicky pens. We had to explain to her why they were gone. She understood and from then on, every time she did it, we’d tell her and she even started to get annoyed with it. So when people click their pens, I grab their hand and ask them to stop.
  5. When someone gives you a timeframe and doesn’t follow through: We were supposed to move into our house at the end of July. As I’m writing this we are more 2. 5 weeks into August and still no sign of being able to move in. Someone was supposed to come and redo the concrete on my parents back porch… 2 weeks ago. When someone says they will text you back with their schedule so you can get together. Follow through is seriously important!!!!

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