Spiritual Thoughts

Thoughts From The General Women’s Broadcast

So I don’t know about you, but today I am spiritual full. My cup runneth over.

My stake hosted a dinner before the General Women’s Broadcast and I was able to socialize and strengthen friendships and then feel the spirit during the broadcast and have thoughts and feeling validated!

I felt like every single talk was personally talking to me. That doesn’t usually happen. At least not for me. I tried to write down direct quotes but I never seem to be able to get it write. I friend of mine posted on Instagram that she just focusing more on writing her thoughts and impressions during the sessions since she can get the quotes when they come out in print. That seemed to flip a switch in my head.

So I thought I would share with you some of the thoughts that I had during the session!

I loved how each one seemed to build on top of each other. I love that the focus seemed to be on having charity and faith! We need to be wholeheartedly charitable and embrace improvement in everyone. We need to be patient, kind, loving, understanding. We need to have a bedrock understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is only recently that I’m learning how imperative that is. The Lord locket on the heart so we need to have an open and teachable heart, mind, and spirit. We need to have unshakeable testimonies and study to keep those strong. We need to not beat around the bush when it comes to the principles of the gospel. We need to be bold, but sensitive. The gospel principles will never change. We need to teach them the way that they are before someone else teaches our children something different. Faith leads us to do things that we normally wouldn’t do. I so agree with that and I’m so grateful that my faith has grown so much recently. We need to listen, see, and feel differently. Find the voice that speaks to your spirit! Faith empowers us to act on God’s will!

So much goodness in the session and I’m looking forward to reading the talks next month!!



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