The Wandering Mind

Dear 17 year old self

Dear 17 year old Self,

These next couple of months are going to seem to seem hard, but if you let go, they won’t be. I know that you are struggling right now, but this move will bring you so much joy in a few short years. You will meet the most amazing man who will love you more than anyone else ever has or ever will (aside from mom and dad). You will grow in so many ways!

You will have church callings that will stretch you and push you. You will have friends who will stretch you and push you. You will want to give up on countless occasions but don’t. Pray to your Father in Heaven and keep pushing forward.

This amazing man I mentioned, is nothing like you’ve ever dreamed. He is so much better!! The only thing, you will have to go through some trials before you get to spend time with him. Bare those trials well. Learn from them. Embrace them.

This amazing man will help you through some tough times and you will help him. You will bring two beautiful children into this world together and grow closer together each time. I know that you want to get married young… But waiting for him, it is worth it! I promise!! Waiting for each child is worth it. I promise!!

BE PATIENT!! Trust in the Lord’s timing instead of demanding to live on your time. Live in each moment. Laugh often. Let yourself love so deeply that you feel like you can fly!

I love you teenage self!



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