Spiritual Thoughts

Praying For Guidance As A Teacher

It’s been a while since I’ve written an actual ‘spiritual thought’. Last week was about conference talks and I didn’t look to see what the week was before that. But I feel like I haven’t in a while. Why? Well, things have just been crazy during the weeks with moving and hunting season and by Sunday I am seriously ready for a day of rest. In fact, I don’t get on Facebook at all and I only get on Instagram about 3 times…. while I’m feeding Sweet Pea. That and on Sunday’s when I teach, which was today, I am spiritually drained.

Today’s lesson was chapter 17 in the Howard W. Hunter book and I was super nervous the teach this lesson. It’s about preserving and protecting the family. I was nervous because I’m the youngest in the call by several years and felt like I didn’t really have any experience or background to give to the lesson. That and some of the topics were hard with some of the experience I know sisters have been through in my ward. I prayed hard to know what to say to not offend, or open wounds. I hope I did ok. I hope that I was able to comfort and bring happiness to situations that often hard to talk about.

I had a few people tell me after my lesson was over that I presented it well and that always makes me feel good. But I can’t forget the look on a sisters face as I approached a rough topic. My heart goes out to her and I hope the quote I shared brought her some comfort. I hope that the inspiration I felt to quote President Uchtdorf was what she needed. I pray that I did not offend.

Teaching is not always easy. But as long as we pray while we prepare and are open to the direction of the spirit, we can lead discussions which will allow the spirit to testify to the hearts of those who need what is being discussed.

I pray that as I continue to teach, I’ll be able to teach with the spirit and help those who truly need it!



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