Fitness Friday

Quick Morning Workout

I have nothing inspiring for you today. This week has been a bit rough for me and as I’m sitting here writing this, I feel at peace for the first time this week. Not sure how long it’s gonna last, but I’m trying to hold on to it. So instead of sitting here wracking my brain for something inspiring to share with you, I headed over to Pinterest and starting looking for inspiration.

I found this…..


Now I have no idea if you will really burn 1000 calories doing it. But what if you really did??? That would be fantastic!

I have not done this workout myself. In fact, Friday mornings are my roughest morning because we go grocery shopping and with Sweet Peas weird sleep schedule lately I’m rushing to get showered and out the door. So I may very well be doing this working tomorrow. I’m personally not so sure about the 100 squats (eek!) BUT… I’d be will to do it once for sure if not attempt it twice. Maybe the second time around I’ll cut everything in half??? Who knows!

Follow me on Instagram (@TheStokerKitchen) and I’ll report on how it goes!!

Happy Friday all!!! ❤


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