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He Asks Us to Be His Hands by Cheryl A. Esplin

Day 3: He Asks Us to Be His Hands by Cheryl A. Esplin

This talk was so meant for me. I remember hearing it. But it didn’t really sink in until now that this really is meant for me.

I have vaguely mentioned in previous posts about my motto and the changes I’m making and the desire I have to fellowship everyone around me. This talk even more geared towards everything that I’m trying to accomplish. This is another talk that I used in my talk last week.

It is soooo important to fellowship everyone around you. Not just the visitors, the investigators, new converts, inactive or less-actives. We need to fellowship those who also come to church every Sunday. The ones that we may not think need it because they are there. “Jesus not only taught us to love, but He also live what He taught.” We have the best example of fellowshipping and love from our elder brother!!

I believe the Savior is telling us that unless we lose ourselves in service to others, there is little purpose to our own lives. Those who live only for themselves eventually shrivel up and … lose their lives, while those who loose themselves in service to others grow and flourish–and in effect save their lives.
True Christ like service is selfless and focuses on other.

Oh my goodness is this so true! We hear it all the time in the church that we need for forget ourselves and think of others and whatever we’re going through won’t seem so bad. But in the moment, it doesn’t seem possible to forget ourselves. We need to. Trust me we need to. This next part is great. It’s seriously my favorite part and demonstrates so beautiful what I’ve been feeling and thinking I need to do and be better at.

Be someone who reaches out to know and serve others–throw away the mirrors and look through the window!


Sister Esplin relates a story that how hard it is to really see someone and their needs when we are too busy focusing on ourselves (looking through a mirror). But when we focus more on others (throwing out the mirrors and looking through windows) we are more able to see their needs and fill their needs whatever they may be.

When we reach out in love and service even in the smallest ways, hearts are changed and softened as others feel the love of the Lord. 


These last two quotes are seriously my favorites. I want to be the person who reacts out, who throws away the mirrors. I have had the smallest acts of service performed for me and they have changed my heart and helped me to feel of the Saviors love. I am bursting with that love and want to turn around and make sure that those around me can feel of that some love.

Will you, together with me, focusing on fellowshipping all of those around us? It doesn’t have to be anything big. A smile, a hello, a compliment, or sitting next to someone can make the biggest difference. Trust me!!

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